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Imagine for a moment your family without you. Would they be able to pay their bills comfortably, or would they be scrounging around, struggling? I’m asking the question because a common theme I’m starting to see when meeting with clients is how they severely under-value life insurance.

This is not a sales pitch folks. Those of you with a mortgage, spouse, and/or children, or anyone who depends on you financially, I’m speaking to you here– you need life insurance. Period.

I’ve literally had people say to me, ” I won’t need any money if I’m dead and I’m not here to make my spouse rich if I die”

People have said those exact words to me and it’s absolutely ridiculous! Are you serious? This is your family we’re talking about! Your children! Dealing with the death of a family member/spouse is hard enough in and of itself, now imagine the stress of having to deal with financial hardship on top of that.

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