May 2013

Independent insurance agents have the best products and the best customer service — period.

Independent agents have access to a wide range of products and insurance carriers. This means they can find a solution that fits the needs of their clients in an unbiased fashion. You see, not every insurance professional does business this way.

If you were going to purchase a new truck, say it was a Ford in this example. You walk into the Ford dealership and are immediately approached by a salesman. You walk over to a truck you like and then start discussing the exact specifications you’re looking for in that truck. You know you want an extra cab and something that is 4×4. You also want your new truck to be dark blue, with a sprayed in bed protector and fog lamps.

When it comes down to talking about price, do you think that the Ford salesman would tell you that right down the street there was a Dodge dealer who had a truck that matched your exact specifications, but for $4,000 less? Of course not. Why? Because that salesman’s job is to sell Fords and Fords only. Of course he is going to try and position the Ford as if it was the best truck on planet earth.

The same can be said for insurance agents. When you speak to a AAA, State Farm, Allstate, Geico, etc., sure you are talking to a licensed insurance professional, but, who you’re really talking to is an employee of their respective company. An employee whose job it is to only sell it’s company’s products.

If you’re not a savvy insurance shopper, you may not even realize that you are not getting unbiased, objective advice when talking to one of these employees. That is a problem.

You see, there are three main categories of insurance professionals. Let’s take a look.

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Imagine for a moment your family without you. Would they be able to pay their bills comfortably, or would they be scrounging around, struggling? I’m asking the question because a common theme I’m starting to see when meeting with clients is how they severely under-value life insurance.

This is not a sales pitch folks. Those of you with a mortgage, spouse, and/or children, or anyone who depends on you financially, I’m speaking to you here– you need life insurance. Period.

I’ve literally had people say to me, ” I won’t need any money if I’m dead and I’m not here to make my spouse rich if I die”

People have said those exact words to me and it’s absolutely ridiculous! Are you serious? This is your family we’re talking about! Your children! Dealing with the death of a family member/spouse is hard enough in and of itself, now imagine the stress of having to deal with financial hardship on top of that.

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